What does this look like?

In plain English... Phishing
What is phishing?

What is malware?
What's a worm?
What's a virus?
What's a trojan?
What is adware?
What is an exploit?
What is a rootkit?
What is a cookie?
What is spyware?
What is spam?
What is an email scam?
What is a botnet?
What is a misleading application?
What is a firewall? (hardware & software)
Challenge - What is viral convergence?

Create something to help people with limited understanding of technology really understand the risk and how to avoid it.

Video, animated PPT, ???

Break it down:
What is it? What's a simple way to describe it?
How does it work? Who sends it? How does it start? How do you get it?
How can you protect yourself? How can you get rid of it?

Other resources:
Wikipedia - Malware
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