Fabulous Freebies: Playing in a digital sandbox


What’s a digital sandbox?

A sandbox is a safe place to experiment, play, and learn as you figure out what works for you and what doesn’t.
A digital sandbox is a place where you can do this with various digital tools to figure out what might or might not work in your classroom.

My Favs:

1. Diigo – Social Bookmarking, lists & more (plus it has a back door to Delicious)
2. Twitter- Great tool to build a professional learning network
3. Firefox- My browser of choice – use w/ IE Tab, Zoom Toolbar, Smart Bookmarks Toolbar, Embedded Objects Toolbar
4. Open Office – Cheap way to have a basic version of Office on any machine
5. EtherPad- Multiple authors can work on the same document simultaneously – example http://etherpad.com/DigitalSandbox
6. Picasa- Basic image organization and editing
7. Audacity- Audio recording
8. iTunes – Music organization, weekly freebies, iTunesU (check out Continuity of Learning), Podcasts
9. Ning- Imagine self-contained Facebook accounts on lots of different topics. Try: Classroom 2.0, Fireside Learning,
10. Pandora Radio – Online radio station you create

General interest to explore

WallWisher – Think of it as an electronic sticky note wall.
Task: Navigate to the Digital Sandbox WallWisher and share what you’d like to gain from today.
Online whiteboards
Speaking of illustrations and image editing…
Touch Tools – If you have a touchscreen, Smartboard, or other IWB, these tools are worth exploring
Engaging Online
Classroom Tools…
More Interactives and Student Tools
Content Areas & More (These are on a separate wikispace page)

Before you go…

Task: Navigate to the Digital Sandbox WallWisherand share your favorite sites from today.
Future Me – Write letters to yourself in the future (at least 30 days)
Task: Write yourself an email about a goal you have for the this conference.