Mrs. Brass is at the TIES Conference. What do we do today?

  • TASK 1 - BACK UP YOUR FILES! Copy your My Classes folder to your Students on Randolph volume on the server. Change the date to today's date - 12-9-08. Delete the old one. You should be done by 15 minutes into the block (10:45 for block B and 1:45 for block C).
  • TASK 2 - Interest areas... A number of you said you'd like to spend some class time learning about programs you might not have used much. Here's your chance to learn and teach your peers. Your sub will have a stack of cards with a program written on it. Your goal is to get to know enough about it to show the rest of the class. You'll have at least one classmate you can work with. You have the software on your tablet and Atomic Learning as resources. Note - some of the programs may not be found in Atomic Learning, so you'll have to figure it out on your own. You could also try Googling the name of the software + tutorial, but don't be disappointed if you don't find much.
    • 10 minutes of work/play/experimentation
    • Figure out how the program works.
    • What are the main points any user needs to know.
    • Determine the best way to present this to the class and who will do what in the presentation. Note: One of you will need to use your tablet. When you do, you will need to plug it in to the video cable. If your tablet doesn't recognize the projector, use your FN key plus F5 until the 2nd option that looks like a laptop next next to a monitor is selected. Both should have a #1 on the screen.
    • Drop a copy of whatever you've done in our class dropbox. Make sure the file has your names on it before it's dropped.
    • Present. 5 minutes or less.
    • While peers are presenting, follow instructions. Pay attention. Follow along. Learn. Be nice :-)
  • FEEDBACK - Have comments about this lesson, what you've learned, or what you're still curious about? Type the notes in the discussion area above.

Here are shortcuts to resources we'll refer to regularly in class:

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